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“Odette is an incredible personal trainer ”


Before our sessions began, she had us fill out an extensive questionnaire, so she could better assess our needs. She knows when to push, and when you actually physically cannot do anymore. She is highly professional, and 100% dedicated to you, and your goals. Not only does she help you with your physical needs, but she provides assistance with dietary needs, and health concerns. She caters everything to fit you, and your lifestyle. She is a fantastic person to work with.
~ A. Mendez


“Sweet young lady who knows what she is doing…”


and can get you the results you want.
~ D. Erwin


“Odette is an excellent motivator ”


As a small business owner and mother I could never find the time to commit to an exercise program and my health and energy levels where beginning to suffer. By bringing the exercise to my home, on my schedule Odette has given me my strength back. She helped me target my fitness goals and supported/helped push me beyond where I thought I could go. She is always positive and our sessions are often full of laughter. I would recommend her to any woman especially with a full schedule looking to make a healthy change. 
~ S. Evans

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