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Training Packages

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private sessions are similar to personal training sessions. The difference is that you share the session with another client of your choice. This is an excellent choice for someone who likes the extra company, is motivated by a bit of healthy competition, or is looking for a more economical choice of training. Each client receives an individualized program based on her needs.


Each session is 60 minutes long


Package rates:

1x / wk – $45 + gst

2x / wk – $42 + gst

3x / wk – $38 + gst


Packages are available in one month blocks. 

Package rates are based on number of sessions per week.

*prices are based per person.


Each package includes free ongoing meal planning assistance.


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Find the training package that fits YOU!

We offer a variety of in-home personal training packages.

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